Artist books


O Ontem Morrreu Hoje, o Hoje Morre Amanhã


Projeto/Project by Carla Filipe e/and Ulrich Loock. Publicação/Publication Ed. Camara Municipal Porto, Portugal

A hybrid publication composed of an artist’s book and a catalogue, a collaboration between carla Filipe, Ulrich Loock with the designer Márcia Novais

The images accompanying the works exhibited in O Ontem Morreu Hoje, O Hoje Morre Amanhã were conceived and drawn by Carla Filipe. The texts are the result of email correspondence with Ulrich Loock.

Carla Filipe to develop an exhibition project devoted to social practices at bars and clubs. In that context clubs are considered spaces to evade the imminent failure of daytime social systems.The fundamental characteristic of Filipe’s work is to document and map: by closely observing and getting involved with her environment, the artist constantly searches for the touchstones of meaning in the life of a specific community. The exhibition was based on Filipe’s experience of the nightlife as a visual artist producing posters and images for electronic music events and DJ sets, and developed in collaboration with curator Ulrich Loock. It brought together several local and international artists who explore ways of experiencing the night, namely the intersection of music and image. Their works remain autonomous as visual art while reflecting relationships between the singular and the plural, the individual and the community, and evoking the history of art and its connection to music through a series of specific references.

Artwork Images from the artists: Pedro Abrantes, João Alves, João Alves Marrucho, Marta Ângela, Mauro Cerqueira, Jürgen Drescher & Reinhard Mucha, Tomé Duarte, Carla Filipe, Dayana Lucas, Raymond Pettibon,  Oscar Powell & Wolfgang Tillmans, Rudolfo, Diogo Tudela, von Calhau!

Textos/ Texts : Guilherme Blanc, Lisa Blanning entrevista / Interview com / with Tiago Carneiro e/ and Pedro Salvado Santos, Jonathan Saldanha, Miguel von Hafe Pérez, Carla Filipe entrevista / interview a / with STURQEN ( David Arantes e César Rodrigues ).