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Artist books



Publisher: Editorial Concreta, Valencia, Espanha/Spain

Boletim looks like the magazine of the Portuguese Railway. It simulates the magazine of the Company house staff from the 1960s, however it contains articles on recent matters. Boletim’s first number is dedicated to type of architecture commissioned by the Railway Company: Railway stations, houses for the workers, workshops and social projects. The examples are set mainly in Entroncamento, a small town born around the railway station, which is still operating.

@Carla Filipe

Fotografias e textos / Photographs and texts de / by Carla Filipe, images and facsimiles appropriated from Bulletins of the Railway portuguese company of the 60s, Edition: 200 copies; 45 pages; 1º Ed Printed digital, B/W ; 2º Ed Printed Offset (2015), suporte no design do plano maquete/support in mockup plan design Duarte Amorim (Bolos quentes)